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Ordnance Quest

06.05.2018 04:25:21

Ordnance Quest


Unlocked at Lvl. 50. Click the Icon in the top to enter the Ordnance Quest panel. Ordnance Quest provides two kinds of new resources: Log and Ironstone. They are used to exchange Military Ordnance, which deals massive damage in battle.


You can challenge the Quest 2 times a day. By clicking the Challenge button, you will enter the team-up panel. You can team up with other 2 players. If your team win the challenge, all members, except who has used up his daily challenge chances, will win the reward.


Click Send Invitation, will post your team invitation in chatbox. Others can join in your team easily by clicking Team Up button.  

Ordnance Exchange

Go to exchange ordnance with enough Logs and Ironstones. The Ordnance Icon is in the right. Click to open the Ordnance Exchange panel.

Ordnance will appear at the bottom right when you are in battle.


Military Ordnance


1. Archer Tower: Can be set up in battlefield to automatically attack enemies.


2. Rolling Log: Can be set up in battlefield to cause damage to enemies in the way.