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[National System]

A player starts his game by selecting to be a member of Thebes, Athens or Sparta. A kingdom is running upon the national system including EXP and Level, National Official, National Development, Military Supplies, National Tech and States War.


You will have a sense of belonging through every day's game play. You can participate States War every day, fight for your Kingdom to contribute National EXP for her.

National info: Lists basic information of every kingdom.

National Official: A kingdom has a King along with four powerful Officials.

                            They are able to use certain authorities to manage the kingdom, such as Suspension Order.

National Tech: National Techs are useful for improving soldiers' attributes and battle ability for all members in a kingdom.

National Development: Benefits all members with a variety of effect bonuses.


[Kingdom Level]

With the leveling up of a kingdom, all members of this kingdom will receive more and more national privileges. To upgrade the Kingdom Level, it needs National EXP that is earned by winning battles in States War.


Official Title

A kingdom has a King and four top-class Officials. They receive daily salary and gain troop-borrow chances from time to time. Their performance is the key to win in a States War. Their use of Mobilization and tactics can even turn a loss into a victory.


States War

States War is the most important event in the game. It starts at 10 am, 3 pm and 8 pm every day. Every kingdom will get their own quests. By accomplishing the missions, the kingdom will get massive rewards as well as National EXP.

National Tech

There are Battle Techs and Development Techs. Battle Techs improve members' battle ability. Development Techs benefit members' daily income. Members' Tech Points are needed for the research of National Techs.