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05.22.2018 03:17:11


  1. Unlocked when Civil Official reaches Rank 1 with default Policy - Natalist enabled.

  2.  A higher ranked Civil Official can manage more Policies.


  1. You can operate your Fief 3 times and plunder others' Fief 3 times in a day.


  1.  Manage a Fief

  2.  When you occupy an enemy city, you can take it as a Fief.

  3.  Select a Policy and apply on the Fief.

  4.  You can collect the yield after the Policy completes.

     Please note that Olympia will provide 150% yield.

  5.  If the Fief got occupied by others, your unclaimed yield will be lost.

       The plunder, however, will get 50% of the yield.