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Alchemy and Relics

05.22.2018 04:16:56

[Alchemy Workshop]

Alchemy Workshop is available when you reach Lvl. 90. An Icon will show up in Main City page. As a feature for high level players, firstly, you need to upgrade all production buildings to Lvl. 15. It will unlock Building Renovation. After all production buildings get renovated, it comes out the Alchemy Workshop.


When a production building reaches Lvl. 20, the Renovate button shows up. You can renovate it to an advanced building.


[Alchemy Panel]

You can exchange Artifacts Materials in the Alchemy panel. They are used to craft Artifacts.



Unlocked at Lvl. 95. Artifacts are the ultimate equipment for heroes to enhance their power. They provide massive attributes and can improve the hero skills to a new level.



[New Appearance]

Heroes with Artifacts, their weapon in battle will have an extremely cool appearance.