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Halloween Event Is Coming Up

10.25.2018 03:26:56

Halloween is coming up, Ancient War prepeared lots of excited activities for you guys~

Event time: 1026 12am- 1102 12am (EST)

Come on and have a look!

Halloween Event Icon

It’s my great honor to introduce this dark night to you all!!!


As a smithing god, Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith of the gods, and was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centers of Greece, particularly Athens.

With a limited edition of the new hero, how can he not change into a festive limited costume??  Check this out!! Only release in Halloween Activity!!


Festival Part

Obtain Candies during the Halloween Events to EXCHANGE big amount of rewards!!

Such as NEW EVENTS LIMITED HERONEW EVENTS LIMITED Costume Opal military merit chestsoul crystal and grain.

Treasure Part

Don’t forget to try your luck in the Treasure Part!! Approximate rate to drop Halloween Limited Items!!


1.Treasure can be seized 403 times per day
2. Players accumulate seizures each day to receive the corresponding rewards, the number of times a day resets at 12am(EST) each day.

Territory Part

Come and Accept the Halloween Limited Tasks. Crazy occupied then you can obtain big amounts of Rewards!!

Never forget, you are the king in Ancient War!

Phantom Hunting

You never know what might happen on Halloween. Wait until dark for some spooky surprises. The creatures of the night are waiting. To my dear pal, Have a howling Halloween.

 It’s time to Rock’ N Roll!!! Fight to the Holy Light Army to get Crosses and Holy Water, USE THEM to beat the Pumpkin Devil~

Event Details: 1. Players can kill the Holy Light Troops on the World Map during the event to obtain Crosses 2. They can defeat Ghosts 6 times per day 3. In the process of beating a Ghost, they have a chance to obtain a Cross, Gold Coins, Soul Crystals, Food, Wood, Silver Coins and so on 4. After the Ghost is killed, they will be rewarded: Cross, Gold Coins, Soul Crystals, Food, Silver Coins, etc.

Carnival Part

Don’t wanna waste gold coins on purchasing the Daily Task chances. Here is deal!!!

We release this Carnival Part to you guys super massive opportunities to do you Daily Tasks!

Wanna more Exps? Go for it? Wanna Merit? Go for it! Wanna more fun? Go for it!!!