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Opening Celebration Activities help u Rule The World

06.13.2018 06:37:34

1 Server-opening Celebration


Players who reached lvl.15 can participate in Server-opening Celebration on the first day of the new server. During the activity period, players can collect the treasure map pieces by killing enemies in state-war and opening battle merit reward. When collect a certain amount pieces, you can exchange the corresponding rewards at the opening ceremony.


2 Big Sale


On the first of the new server, players who reached lv. 25 can click the Big Sale icon to open Special Discount Pack activity.


They are plenty of discount equipment in Special Discount Pack! Pass by not to miss!


3 Abattoir Fight


  •  Within a specific opening server time, players who reached lvl 30 can participate in the Abattoir Fight by click the icon.


  • Each boss just can be challenged during the limited time, players cannot challenge the boss beyond the deadline.


  • The bosses are powerful, players can team up to 3 people.


  • After the clearances succeed, solo changers will get all items; multi-challengers will get radom items.


  • After the clearances succeed, all players in your Kingdom would receive national rewards.



4 Hero Reunion


  • On the first of the new server, players who reached lv. 25 can join the Hero Reunion.


  • During the activity period, there will be Wine Army, Painting Army or Horse Army appear on the map randomly.


  • After kill the corresponding army, players who collect enough materials can meet the famous person to obtain the reward.


  • Every time the players who meet the famous people can get a amount reputation, when reputation touch the line can get some rewards.


5 First Top-up


During the specific new server time, Top-up any coins can claim Achililes and one Construction Queue.