Characters introduction


Frost Mage Pandora was the most attractive beauty in the world. She was a gift from gods to human. But the box she carried was the source of all disasters and pain in human world.


Hand of Lord Odysseus was the wisest man in Greek Army. His plan of the wooden horse helped the army in seizing the victory.


Lord of the Legion Agamemnon was the king of kings in Greece. With his brother & wife captured, he founded the Greek army and won them back. A decade gone and he made it!


Elf Ranger Atalanta was a beautiful while precise hunter. In the hunt of Calydonian Boar, she took down the monster with only 1 shot.


Lord of War Achilles was the son of the goddess of ocean, a true half god. He was the assurance of victory for Greek Army, while the nightmare of Trojan Army.